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Six Ways to Incorporate Self Care this Fall

With the weather getting cooler and days getting shorter, it is all the more important you make time for self care this fall.

Approximately three percent of Canadians will experience Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) in  their lifetime. Another 15 percent of Canadians will experience a milder version of SAD that allows them to follow their usual routine without major disruptions. Research indicates the lack of sunlight in the colder months plays a key role in SAD.

For many of us, after Christmas to around beginning of April is really down time. Acts of self care can help increase the levels of endorphins, dopamine and serotonin (the happy hormones). Although self care is often viewed as endulgent falls at the bottom of the to-do list, it is a necessary aspect of your over wellbeing. Think of self care as you would drinking water—it is good for you and everyone needs to do it. So how can you start incorporating self care into your weekly routine?

We’ve got six opening options.

  1. Find a fitness class you actually like.


We all know exercise is important for our overall confidence and wellbeing but what may be even more important—the sense of community fitness classes provide. Even if you don’t speak to anyone at your booty bootcamp or hot yoga class, the sense of belonging can improve your confidence for the entire week (keep in mind, I said choose a class you actually like). Sweating in a group setting is proven to be more effective physically but also decrease depression and anxiety. Plus on days when it’s dark before you even get home from work, having a class at 8pm will give you a reason to stay motivated and make use of your evening.


  1. Read before bed.

I know what you’re thinking—you’ve heard this one before. But there’s a reason why we all say it! Reading before bed is the best way to ensure you get enough good sleep. When watching TV or any screen (including your phone!), the blue light is capable of stopping the natural production of melatonin. Melatonin is a major factor in restorative sleep and even helps to fight cancer and reduce age-related damage of the brain and nervous system.


  1. Spread out your spa services.

When booking at an Elite Spa Group location, do you try to get everything done at once? You have 3 hours before you need to get the kids to hockey, let’s squeeze in a pedicure, facial, waxing and eyebrows all done. Slow down—you’re making your self care a chore! When you step through our doors, our team’s number one goal is to help you forget your stresses for an hour and just enjoy being looked after. When you’re rushed and worried about finishing on time, you take away from your own experience. Here’s our suggestion: cycle through your services having just one or two per week. Instead of looking at going for a wax or manicure as errand, make it a ritual. For example, every Friday afternoon, you can begin looking forward to your appointment at Elite Spa Group, whatever the service is that week.


  1. Take part in #SelfCareSunday.

You might already being doing this act of self care as it has gained a lot of popularity on social media. Sunday nights for most, are a preparation for the week, an early night in and an opportunity to set the tone for the week ahead. Just as you may prep your fridge for the week ahead, we suggest you prep your skin. Any exfoliants or masks you haven’t yet gotten around to trying, now is the time. Pour yourself a bath (and a glass of wine) and take 30 minutes to care for your skin. Use that foot scrub you got for Christmas last year still in its packaging. Apply lotion to your entire body. Sit in your bath rope like you’re at a five-star resort. Make your Sunday evening about you and your skin.


  1. Book a massage monthly.

Why are we waiting until our birthdays or resort vacations to get a massage? The benefits of massages far surpass reducing tension. Massages can treat headaches, pregnancy pains, digestive ailments (IBS), fatigue, repetitive use syndromes, joint dysfunction and the list goes on. We can justify massages on vacations right? Create a mini vacation at Elite Spa Group monthly.


  1. Commit to after dinner walks.

Yes, it may be dark but the fresh air will do you wonders. When the days get shorter, our biggest struggle is to still be productive in our awake hours. Pushing yourself and your family to go for a walk after to dinner will encourage good conversation, good digestion and better energy. Fresh air increases energy in 90 percent of people—use that last kick to  be productive.


How will you incorporate self this fall?

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