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Long Lashes, Low Maintenance

Our three simple solutions for keeping your lashes beautiful without the expensive upkeep.

Don’t get us wrong, we love eyelash extensions and fills and many of our clients do too. These three options are for those who want beautiful lashes but don’t have the time for the longer and more frequent extension appointments.

EyEnvy® Eye Serum

This serum is a complete game-changer! Before applying your makeup in the morning, simply swipe the serum brush over the roots of your eyelashes and let dry for one to two minutes.


Since its release in 2009, EyEnvy eyelash conditioner has been changing the way people enhance their eyes. Within weeks our clients have seen visibly longer lashes but best results are seen in three months with daily application. After three months, the serum can be used a couple times a week to maintain length and thickness.


A tube of 3.5ml of EyEnvy® will last up to five months and a tube of 2.0ml of EyEnvy® will last up to 3 months, if used daily as recommended. Once opened, EyEnvy® remains active for 9 months.


This eyelash-enhancing solution is extremely low maintenance and can easily be added into your daily routine. No appointments necessary, simply stop by our Beamsville location, Bench & Balance or St. Catharines location, Sugar & Spice to pick up your bottle.

Eyelash Lift and Tint

Regardless of how short or long your eyelashes arealthough we know they will be long after using EyEnvyeyelash tints and lash lifts ensure that the eyelashes naturally sweep upwards and appear lengthened to give a natural and beautiful look to your eyes.


Eyelash lifts take approximately 45 minutes and last up to two months, unlike eyelash extensions which usually require maintenance every three weeks. There is virtually no maintenance with eyelash lifts besides staying away from water for 24 hours. That means no getting your lashes wet in the shower or when washing your face. After that, do as you please without fear of losing a lash!


Eyelash tints may be self explanatory but they truly go hand-in-hand with the lash lifts. Using quality and safe dye, our lash experts help you determine the best eye-defining (yet natural) colour for your lashes. Tinting treatments take approximately 15 minutes and can easily be combined with your eyelash lift appointment.

For optimal results, use all three eyelash-enhancing solutions simultaneously. To book your lash and lift appointment, click here.