Celebrating Our Five Year Anniversary | Elite Spa Group

How we’re celebrating our five year anniversary.

This month we are celebrating our five year anniversary of opening Sugar & Spice Elite Spa on Martindale Rd. in St. Catharines a little bit differently than most businesses. 

Celebrating Our Five Year Anniversary | Elite Spa Group


As I’m writing this I can honestly say that it doesn’t feel like five years—it’s gone by too fast. Like, I guess, when you look at your children, and you suddenly see walking, talking, independent little thinkers that could one day take over the world. You blink and the time has passed. You often reflect and consciously make an effort to keep learning and growing but still stand there in disbelief. Five years! Wow, I have bucket load to be grateful for!


In my industry, one thing I know to be true is we get to meet hundreds of fascinating, brilliant, kind, impactful human beings that most often leave a more significant mark on us, their spa therapists than they realize. We are privileged enough to have a gift that is fuelled by a passion that we apply using our hearts and hands. Getting into someone’s personal space the way we do is not something we take lightly or for granted. And within that space, we learn a lot about people.


We learn that everyone has a story. Everyone has a struggle. Everyone has experienced victories and losses. And we learn that everyone needs something. I am no exception.


We enjoy all the moments when we connect with our spa guests, and as a result, they leave feeling relief, joy, confidence or energized. As spa therapists we have an innate desire to give that to everyone we come in contact with; however, we don’t always get the opportunity.


As a community here in Niagara last month, we felt the loss of two exceptional individuals. Their lives were lost due to mental health challenges they couldn’t overcome. One of those individuals was my childhood friend. I’m not equipped with the expertise to have helped these individuals the way they needed, although I wish I couldn have. But what I do have is a platform to use for good and that allows me to give back. 


So I propose we turn our celebration of five years in business into something even more meaningful and on behalf of these individuals and their families.


This month we are donating to the Pathstone Foundation to help support their mission of providing therapy to individuals (and their families) who suffer from mental health. Please join our Elite Spa Group team on Sunday, November 25th, 2018 (Sugar & Spice’ Elite Spa’s actual anniversary) as we Wax for Wellness.


Stop by for a beautiful brow wax for just $15, and we will donate 100 percent to the Pathstone Foundation. If you’re not in need for a brow wax but would still like to give, feel free to stop by with a donation (amounts of all sizes are appreciated), and we will ensure it gets into the right hands.

Book your appointment now or drop by on Sunday, November 25. We will have our estheticians on standby and wax until the wee hours of the morning if we have to! Thank you in advance for your support. 


Until then, take care of each other and be well.

Celebrating Our Five Year Anniversary | Elite Spa Group

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