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Welcome to the Elite Spa Group blog where we share industry secrets, tips and the latest in all things beauty. From learning more about the science behind your desired treatment to our best post-treatment tips, you can always find a good read.

For The Busy Beamsville Mom

Whether you need a relaxing massage, or a day with your friends to get your nails done, these services are a great way for our Beamsville moms to relax and unwind! Are you a busy Beamsville mom? As mothers, we tend to get caught up with...
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Beamsville and St. Catharines Event Prep

Summer Event Prep in St. Catharines or Beamsville

Weddings, fancy parties, cocktail events—summer events are a lot of fun, but we do want to look our best! Here is a guide to how to look your best at every summer event this year! It seems like throughout the first half of the year,...
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Rest and relaxation and rejuvenation in Beamsville Spa

Get Rejuvenated Beamsville!

Rest, relaxation and rejuvenation are super important for women, which is why you should look into these treatments to refresh yourself, here in Beamsville.  In 2019, more and more women have to balance a heavy work schedule as well as...
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Time For A Tan?

Is your skin feeling dull and pale? St. Tropez spray tanning is the best way to get your summer glow started! Summer is almost here, and with that comes dreams of tanning! However, with the concerns of too much sun exposure and risk of...
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Beamsville beauty bride

Beamsville Brides!

Wedding season is upon us, which means blushing brides-to-be need amazing spa treatments! You are about to be a Beamsville bride!! Congratulations!  To prepare for one of the biggest days of your life, you want to look and feel your...
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