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Welcome to the Elite Spa Group blog where we share industry secrets, tips and the latest in all things beauty. From learning more about the science behind your desired treatment to our best post-treatment tips, you can always find a good read.

Keep Calm and Get a Massage

Why getting a massage is an essential step to self-care and de-stressing post-holidays. Are you feeling like your body needs a little downtime? Have you been stressed out? Do you feel a little bit of that post-holiday burnout? Or do...
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The Perfect Gift: Pampering

If you are stuck doing some last-minute shopping, avoid the busyness of the malls and shops, give a gift that truly gives back - relaxation and self-care. What do you give someone that either has everything or is your everyday...
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Be Holiday Photo Ready

How can you prepare your skin and body to be ready for massive amounts of photos during the holidays? Ah the holidays, they can be some of the most memorable, beautiful times of the year. However, it doesn’t always go without some...
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Cold Weather Beauty Checklist

Need a pick-me-up from the cold weather? Our beauty checklist will help you feel and look amazing even if the weather isn’t always what you want it to be. Ah, the joys of snowfall, rain, ice, and all things winter.  Although...
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Skincare products at Elite Spa

Products We LOVE

Curious to know which skincare products are our personal favourites at Elite Spa Group? At Elite Spa Group, we believe in the very best of skincare, for ourselves and our clients. Therefore, we insist on carrying only the best skincare...
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