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Welcome to the Elite Spa Group blog where we share industry secrets, tips and the latest in all things beauty. From learning more about the science behind your desired treatment to our best post-treatment tips, you can always find a good read.

The Benefits of Retinol

Try the newest facial at Elite Spa, the Optimal Retinol Activ Facial, for a limited-time promotion What is retinol? Considered the golden standard ingredient for anti-aging skin care, retinoids are highly recommended by dermatologists...
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Stop Buying Things this Holiday

Give the gift of self care and quality time instead. With the holiday season comes impulse buying. Walking (actually more like running) through the mall, frantically looking at all the things on the shelf and buying thinking,...
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Celebrating Our Five Year Anniversary | Elite Spa Group

How we’re celebrating our five year anniversary.

This month we are celebrating our five year anniversary of opening Sugar & Spice Elite Spa on Martindale Rd. in St. Catharines a little bit differently than most businesses.    As I'm writing this I can honestly say that...
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St. Catharines Spa Day | Elite Spa Group | Bench & Balance | Sugar & Spice

St. Catharines Spa Day

Life is busy, schedule time with the ones most important in your life. Spending time with your friends can make you more resilient, reduce stress and improve your overall mood. Unfortunately, life’s busy schedule tends to get away....
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A Better Spray Tan in St. Catharines | Elite Spa Group | Sugar & Spice

A Better Spray Tan in St. Catharines

We agree at-home products and self-tanner machines can be great, but we have a better solution for glowing skin at Elite Spa Group’s St. Catharines location, Sugar & Spice. Sugar & Spice Elite Spa offers professional...
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